Cure for the jetlag blues

Cure for the Jetlag Blues. Everyone dreads jetlag. The last thing you want when traveling is to be wide-eyed and awake at night and exhausted during the day. Fortunately, our guests often experience little jetlag when coming to Europe, and it tends to hold off until...

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Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent. By now, just about all artists who are on Social Media will have heard about, if they haven’t already seen, the first full-length feature film, hand-painted in oils, “Loving Vincent”. This remarkable masterpiece just received a Golden Globe nomination...

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Who is Workshops in France and how did it get started?

Where it all began The first of the art workshops in France was staged by Julie Snyder in September 2010, just south of the Loire Valley, France. The idea to bring artists together at beautiful travel destinations had been born many years before. It came from a deep...

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