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Painting Provence with Carol Marine

a_goog_read_carol_marineWhether you are painting for a living or a hobby, painting small and often is a powerful way to rapidly improve your skills.

We invite you to enjoy a fantastic program of learning about painting while immersing ourselves in the chateau life. In this Provencal workshop, you will learn to explore value, composition, color mixing, how to keep colors fresh, drawing and perspective, color theory, etc.

We will paint landscapes and venture to beautiful destinations on a daily basis. Carol will show you how to take photos, as a base for successful paintings. We will explore together to take reference shots. Then you will learn you how to sort, edit and paint from the photos using a tablet, laptop or computer.

carol-laughing-iconOther activities include visiting St Remy to walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps, wine tasting, exploring the poppy fields, seeing some of the most breath-taking villages of Provence, and retail therapy at the greatest Provencal markets.

Carol Marine: Artist, author, instructor

Carol Bio Pic“I grew up in a small town in Texas, in a dome house, with three siblings, four cats, goats, chickens, prickly pear cactus and fire ants. My parents encouraged us to do what we love. They said, “You may never be rich, but you’ll be happy.”

I attended the University of Texas in Austin with the intention of studying art. Unfortunately, my professors were so focused on the concept behind the art that they never thought to teach us how to draw/paint/you name it.

Apparently, I learned a bit on my own through trial and error, because eventually I got into my favorite gallery in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, I never earned what could be considered a living (even when I was in seven galleries!). A couple of years later, David and I adopted our son, Jacob. I didn’t paint much after that, until he was 1½ and a friend sent me an article about daily painting.

The idea was to do one small painting each day, post it on my blog, and sell it in auction. I started painting during Jacob’s naps, and quickly fell in love with the process! I slowly built up a following and started selling my daily paintings. I was finally making a living with my art! After about 6 months I got my first invitation to teach, then my second, and soon had sold-out workshops all over the US and Canada.

In 2006 my husband and I started a small online gallery (Daily Paintworks) featuring 12 daily painters, but after he lost his job in 2008, David decided to make it something more artists could benefit from. Now we have quite a few more artists, host our own auctions, tutorials, weekly challenges, monthly contest and more.

I have created several books – collections of 100 of my favorite daily paintings each. I also just wrote a book for Random House called Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist that can be ordered through Amazon. I also have a collection of ArtBytes (online tutorials) for purchase (some are free – check them out).”

Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist”

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dailypaintingbycarolMarineCarol writes: This is a book I wrote (published in 2014) about the art and business of painting daily. I’ve been on this path myself now since 2006. It has greatly accelerated my growth as an artist and my career as well!

Here is the “official” book description:

Do you want to bring the joy back into your art?

Have you landed in a frustrating rut? Are you having trouble selling paintings in galleries, getting bogged down by projects you can’t seem to finish or abandon, or finding excuses to avoid working in the studio? Author Carol Marine knows exactly how you feel—she herself suffered from painter’s block, until she discovered “daily painting.” The idea is simple: do art (usually small) often (how often is up to you), and if you’d like, post and sell it online. Soon you’ll find that your block dissolves and you’re painting work you love—and more of it than you ever thought possible!

With her encouraging tone and useful exercises, Marine teaches you to:
-Master composition and value
-Become confident in any medium
-Choose subjects wisely
-Stay fresh and loose
-Photograph, post, and sell your art online
-Become connected to the growing movement of daily painters around the world

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