Quang Ho and Adrienne Stein Workshop in Scotland

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Scottish Manor House for Artists

Quang Ho & Adrienne Stein 10-day Scottish Workshop and Art Retreat

Scottish Manor Estate, Angus, Scotland – July 9 – 18, 2021

Our Quang Ho and Adrienne Stein Art Residency comprises a 5-day master painting class and a continuing art retreat to explore and create using the principles learned and enjoy plein air painting in the Angus region of Scotland. Quang Ho is one of the most sought after artists of our time for his exceptional artwork, his ability to impart wisdom and teach the painting skills to take our work to a new level. Adrienne has shot onto the artworld’s stage as one of our foremost contemporary painters who has been noted for her unsurpassed ability to use color in presenting the characters of her imagined world.

The master class takes place on the manor estate where you will be painting models and the natural world on the grounds. After the master class we become fully immersed in Scottish life and the surrounding landscape which has been cared for by the nation’s landowners and national stewardship. Scotland boasts pristine waters and a fertile landscape. Be prepared for a sensual feast that encompasses stunning color, flora, and fauna. 

While being treated to the stimulating and energetic masterclass on the grounds and the surrounding area, as a group we will venture out and try out our new painting skills in the most beautiful villages, fishing villages and historic sites in Scotland. Evenings are spent on the estate for ongoing painting demonstrations, discussions, and art-related activities with the instructor and your fellow attendees. Quang has a unique way of discussing, de-codifying by identifying the eight approaches to creating a visual dialogue. Once you learn these, the possibilities for your own personal growth as an artist just open up.

This workshop and retreat blends a fantastic program of learning with Quang and Adrienne while immersing ourselves fully in life on the estate and then, practice what you learned in the masterclass at various daily painting locations surrounded by the beauty of Scotland. We are following a tradition of artists who traveled to Europe to live side-by-side and learn from the best.

Other activities include visiting Dundee and the VA museum, Dunnotter Castel overlooking the North Sea, lochs, hills and glens, a whisky distillery for tasting, and of course, the village pub.

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