Behind the Tim Horn Painting Workshop in Provence.

Tim Horn’s plein air workshop in Provence is at our château near Avignon. Tim Horn is an internationally admired and collected artist who specializes in landscapes, rural scenes and man-made objects, including cars. Most of all, he is a painter of light.

We are thrilled to be hosting his painting workshop in a chateau in the south of France this September. We have asked him about why he chose France.

Is it the beautiful French countryside, the amazing light near the Mediterranean, or the funky French cars?

Workshops in France:

So Tim, what draws you to have a workshop in the south of France?

Tim Horn:

“It’s really so many things! The French countryside is astoundingly beautiful. And I love the little towns and villages. It always amazes me that they have somehow managed to protect so many of the old buildings and at the same time, for the most part have avoided putting up unattractive new buildings. It’s rare in many parts of the world to find such original old world charm, but in France it seems to be everywhere.
The opportunity to stay in a chateau and paint on the grounds as well as take excursions to nearby towns just seems like a dream. I’ve found that when we all have the opportunity to hang out during some of our down time, the experience is richer for everyone.
A couple of years ago a friend of mine was painting in France and he sent me a photo of a vending machine that dispenses fresh baguettes. I’m hoping to find one of those baguette machines.
And I do love painting the funky French cars!”

Workshops in France:

Great! We’ll add a baguette vending-machine to our list of things to scout out. The cars certainly won’t be a challenge!

To be continued…

Meanwhile feel free to look at Tim Horn‘s fine body of work;  scenes of country life drenched in the beautiful light found on the Pacific Coast of California.

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