Frequently Asked Questions

What's the weather like in Provence?
June is warm and filled with sunshine. September is a great month for weather in Provence, especially for artists who want to paint outdoors. While still warm and sunny, the summer’s peak is over. It’s hot enough to swim in the château’s two pools. It can get quite windy, stormy or wet – but this is usually temporary. Nights can get cool, so it’s best to dress in layers.
What will we eat?
Dinners are catered. Our chef delivers farmhouse style meals every day made from fresh local produce. Breakfast and lunches are self-served. When you register, we ask for your dietary needs so we can accommodate alternate menu choices. The refrigerator will be fully stocked for breakfast and lunch.
Are electrical outlets available in our rooms?
Yes. Bring travel adapters. You can buy them here. Don’t forget chargers for phones and cameras!
Will our cell phones work in France?
Yes, but check with your cellphone provider for a plan that will work in Europe. Smart phones will work with wi-fi which is widely available in France and throughout the château. With wi-fi you can use Skype and other phone apps to stay in daily communication with family and friends at home. We’ll send a recommended list of useful apps when you register.
How much should we tip in Europe?
Tipping is generally included on your bill. It’s customary to leave a few extra coins, up to 10%, in addition to the service charge.
How will we get around?
We provide transportation and drive you and your gear to painting locations. We park close to painting locations so you don’t have to carry heavy equipment over long distances. However, we ask that our guests are fit and able walk for a couple of hours. Airfare is not included in the workshop price.
How's the driving?
It’s comparable to driving around Los Angeles. We’ve had no issues.
What is the travel status in Scotland?

Good news about traveling to Scotland this summer-fully vaccinated travelers can now enter the country without having to test while in Scotland. Just bring your CDC card with you and fill in a passenger locator form 48 hours before you arrive. We’ll send you a link to that when it’s time to travel. If you are not vaccinated you can still visit Scotland. If you need tests on other days or to return to your country, we will facilitate these for you.

Are hairdryers and a washer and dryer available for laundry?

Yes, all of those are available!

How do I get from Marseilles airport to Avignon?
Take the free shuttle bus from the airport to the train station – a five minute ride. The journey to Avignon is from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the train schedule. We provide full information on travel and trains when you register. We can also provide you with transportation directly from airport to château for an added fee.
How much money should I bring?
We suggest you convert currency to Euros before arriving in Europe. Bring enough to purchase food or snacks if you spend time at a connecting airport, plus some spending cash. Credit/debit cards are accepted widely, including getting cash from ATMs. Inform your bank in advance that you will be traveling, and ask about acquiring a credit/debit card that has an embedded chip instead of a magnetic strip. The chip is accepted at more locations throughout Europe.
Do we paint all day?
Some guests do, while others run off to the nearest cafe or sight-see. It’s very flexible!
What about art supplies?
Bring paint, brushes and boards/canvases/paper. We supply paper towels, solvent, solvent jars, liquin to speed-up drying time and that type of thing. We’ll send detailed information on how to travel with paints when you register.
Why isn't there an instructor on some workshops?

Before 2017, we were only running uninstructed retreats. We are now introducing instructed workshops led by master artists. Our instructors are award-winning and at the top of their game. If you enjoy a structured class, then choose our instructed workshops. Spots fill quickly – so reserve your spot immediately.

However, if the idea of step-by-step or advanced instruction is not for you, but you are eager to visit and paint a region famed for its natural beauty, charming villages, vineyards and other interesting painting subjects, then jump on board for an uninstructed workshop! You’ll enjoy a balanced program of relaxation and painting while discovering the inspiration that comes from traveling and painting with fellow artists. Suitable for all skill levels, from fearless beginners to advanced artists. Evenings are reserved for demos, discussions and mentoring.

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