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Sights. Color. Fragrance. Ah, Provence.

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France.  Scotland. Italy

What’s it like at Workshops in France?

Amy shares her experience painting at the château with Workshops in France. Amy attended a workshop with instructors at the chateau near Avignon.

Stewart White Watercolor Workshop

Americans in Paris Workshop

April 23 – May 3, 2024


Imagine yourself experiencing the best of Paris with your incredible artists and experienced art guides followed by a painting retreat in a château for 7-days on a painting trip to engage with contemporary masters and learn from these artists: Quang Ho, Adrienne Stein, C.W. Mundy and Vanessa Rothe.

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Bonjour Bootcamp Workshop

Bonjour Bootcamp

May 29—June 7, 2024


NEW! We invite you to enjoy a fantastic bootcamp workshop where you will get to know and use the fundamentals for making great paintings and unleash the joy of creating art.

Stewart White Watercolor Workshop

Jane Hunt and Michele Usibelli

June 11 – 19, 2024


The oil painting workshop with Jane Hunt and Michele Usibelli is located east of Avignon in Provence. It is an extraordinary opportunity to paint with these master plein air painters. You'll spend 9 days learning from Jane and Michele as they demo, explain their techniques, and provide assistance and critiques.

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Stewart White Watercolor Workshop

Debra Huse and Lisa Skelly

June 21 – 29, 2024


Join Debra Huse and Lisa Skelly as they paint the countryside and coast of Provence and Southern France.

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Rose Frantzen Paints Provence

Rose Frantzen Workshop in Scotland

July 15 - 23, 2024


Rose Frantzen returns to teach with Workshops in France after her previous workshop in southern France. Now she joins us in Scotland to share her insight into the figure and portraits and paint some of the most iconic sights and locations in the world.

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Stewart White Watercolor Workshop

Joseph Zbukvic and Lisa Wang

September 13 - 21, 2024


Sign up now to register for the Joseph Zbukvic and Lisa Wang Workshop in a brand new location in the Languedoc. This part of France is visually stunning and unspoiled. 

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Primavera in Italy Art Retreat

David Shevlino and Sarah Sedwick

October 3—11, 2024


Join us for a workshop with David Shevlino and Sarah Sedwick the perfect combination of location and instruction where you can master expressive, alla-prima style painting.  You will enjoy this unspoiled part of France with its incomparable beauty and regional bounty. ...

2024 Workshop Art Retreats: Uninstructed

Primavera in Italy Art Retreat

Petite Retreat in Fontainebleau

May 6—11, 2024


Based just outside of Paris in the Fontainebleau forest. Join us for an enriching and compact version of our legendary art retreats. This is the perfect chateau-based art experience where you can devote time to your painting...
Primavera in Italy Art Retreat

Poppy & Peony Season

May 14 - 22, 2024


Poppy Season is at its height in Southern France in May during this uninstructed art retreat. Your accommodation is an authentic 13th-century chateau. Join us for an idyllic experience for artists of all media.

Majestic Scotland

July 6—12, 2024


Premier Art Retreat taking place at the gateway to the Highlands of Scotland where artists will have a rare opportunity to paint in the pristine and beautiful Scottish landscape with first class accommodations. Selling fast. Contact us for information!

Under the Tuscan Sky Art Retreat

Under the Tuscan Sky Retreat

Aug 29—Sept 6, 2024


The Tuscan art retreat is a celebration of art, artists and la dolce vita in the heart of the Italian countryside. 9-day art retreat. Includes visit to Florence, Siena and other breathtaking locations.
Glorious Provence, Art retreat

Mighty Mini Art Retreat

September 24—29, 2024


We are excited to welcome our artists to an enriching and compact version of our legendary art retreats. This is the perfect chateau-based art experience in the Languedoc where you can devote time to your painting...

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Online Workshops


Quang Ho Online Workshop.
Recordings are now available from this Workshop

Watch these recordings for 6 months from purchase date.


Quang Ho Recordings

Virtual Workshop With Master Painter, Quang Ho

Recordings Available.
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Enjoy 6 months of recording access from the purchase date.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Quang by looking over his shoulder and watching him paint while he shares his vision and the process of creating a masterful painting. Watch demos, an art talk with Quang, painting assignments, paint-alongs, Q and A sessions and learn from his critiques of participant work.


Guest Reviews

The workshop in France was an incredible experience.  

We all stay at the same chateau and it was just like one big family.  Julie and Shirley go above and beyond in the hospitality.  If you have I dietary issue they handle it beautifully.

I learned so much from Quang Ho, it was truly a great experience. I would highly recommend going to Workshops in France.

Marion H, TX- '19

I want to thank you and your team for such a wonderful 10 days at the Chateau. You looked after us so well..answered every question and met every need.

I learned so much from Daniel that I have been painting like a mad woman since I returned home! I have been able to incorporate what he taught us and it has made such a difference to my work. I feel better informed about what I am doing..and he taught me to look at models and still life differently.

So.. please pass on my thanks to everyone. It was a remarkable experience and a time I will cherish….. Thank you.

Peni P, Canada- '19

Thank you personally for your part in one of the highlights of my life. The experience was fun, productive, enriching, and just what I needed. You girls certainly have it all together and do a wonderful job of organizing, entertaining, and executing a perfect event. I enjoyed every day.

Gayle R., FL, USA, Tim Horn Workshop, '18

I've always believed in "designing my life" rather than waiting for something to come around the corner. In that regard, I decided to make a left-hand turn in my life and do something completely different after teaching piano since I was 16 years old. I was at a turning point, and while pursuing the internet came across an ad for Workshops in France. It was a brave and bold move to come to Provence on my own not knowing what to expect and with no real skills.

Luckily it went far beyond my expectations, and I enjoyed a wonderful ten days in a beautiful chateau outside of Avignon, eating gourmet French meals, quaffing interesting wines and interacting with artists from around the world. As a newbie I received lots of inspiration just looking over people's shoulders; everyone was willing to share their expertise and Julie was a great mentor. This needed to be repeated and become part of my yearly activities. The format suited me; I loved exploring new villages and finding the perfect spot to while away a few hours totally absorbed in painting. I have made some really good friends. that I continue to stay in touch with them. I am now signed up for my fifth Art Retreat [with WIF]. and at each one I feel I grow artistically and am always wanting more. It's become part of my life with so many benefits!

Brenda S,  BC, Canada, 6-time attendee, ‘15, '16, '17, '18, '19, '21

My stories from this incredible adventure are as expansive as the poppy fields. I am grateful for the chance that Workshops in France gave me to explore and grow and stamp 30 [years old] as one heck of a year! I am also grateful for a husband who supports my dream and wanted to help put a cherry on top of this trip with all that Paris had to offer...

Fallon D, SC- '19

I remembered looking at the literature for Workshops in France at one of the Plein Air Conventions...

So glad we decided on going with Julie and her great support crew, Shirley, Celeste, Kirsteen and Janice!!  All artists and up for anything!  They would take us to different, amazing locations to paint after the workshop which I will cover in future posts.

Another word about Workshops in France. Julie and her crew take the stress out of painting in France! Especially if you are thinking of doing it for the first time. We loved the locally sourced food and wine!   You really only have to concentrate on making great artwork. They do all the rest!

Robin W- '19

2018 will make my third visit to Provence with Julie, Shirley and their wonderful helpers.

I love every aspect of this true holiday. Meeting a variety of different artists, sharing ideas and learning so much from all of them, painting at whatever pace and whenever you wish are the foundations of the retreat. Add that to being driven about to stunning villages and landscapes, being wined and dined in luxury and you have a holiday you want to keep returning to. I cannot recommend the retreat more highly.

Sally B., Australia—Sept 2015, 2017, 2018 - 3 time attendee.

Super!  Loved all of it.  You did a great job picking various sites to paint which also provided a touring experience.

Would love to take another workshop — just for the whole experience. I have enrolled in a French class and am currently enjoying my Art History class.  (next week we cover a chapter which has Van Gogh….. and I can say “I’ve been there!”)

Lucy L. GA, USA, Tim Horn Workshop '18

Overall experience was enjoyable, surprising, enticing, comfortable, exhilarating, wistful, and hilarious.

There were so many interesting combinations of friends already formed and people ready for new experiences and conversations. The personal issues, heartaches, joys and personalities made for a wonderful adventure. I found Julie to be the Boss, organizing the days, determining the routes and moves, and executing the plans.  Her business mind salted with humor and a keen eye kept the caravan moving and hitting the best spots. Shirley was the Consiglieri, listening, advising, picking up the straggling ends, working smoothly, keeping a light funny touch on all things absurd and important.

Peggy P., WY, USA, Tim Horn Workshop, 2018

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