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Kyle and Quang Ho

Workshops in France Scholarship Residency Program.


Workshops in France offers a scholarship opportunity to an artist who is actively pursuing future art goals: this full scholarship will be awarded to one of our exclusive workshops or art retreats. Although it is not specifically designed for a younger recipient, we are interested in inspiring the next generation of artists to paint and pursue lives as working artists.

The Workshops in France team is looking for the ideal candidate for a scholarship, someone who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise. The scholarship is an invitation to experience 10 days in an ideal setting to learn from the best while living and working side-by-side with other artists. Our workshops are attended by all types of artists, from the fearless beginner to the professional painter and everything in between. This kind of exposure to create art alongside others can provide a rare glimpse into the world of artists.

What We Look for in an Applicant.


Workshops in France is proud to offer this annual scholarship to a deserving artist. What makes the artist a good candidate might not be exactly what you would expect. We are not wholly concerned with the age or apparent skill level of the applicants although skill level is definitely appreciated. It is not limited to a painter and artists who work in other forms can apply. What is most important and what we look for in applications is both a prolific work ethic and a willingness to share and act as a teacher or mentor in the future.

We created the scholarship program to provide an exceptional environment for someone who normally would not have the means to attend one of our workshops or art retreats and give them a chance to learn from the nurturing experience. We are looking for an artist whose career will be positively impacted by studying under world-renowned instructors or by spending time creating with a peer group of artists at one of our retreats.

The ideal candidate is a productive artist who will use what they learn at the workshop or retreat to create a significant impact on his/her own art career and help nurture a more creative existence. It’s a unique opportunity to absorb a wealth of knowledge from our phenomenal instructors or to gain confidence from interacting with career artists.

This is one of the most beautiful regions on Earth. The benefits will be a definite game-changer for an art career and one’s artistic abilities. 

First Recipient: Kyle Ma.

When the program was started the first scholarship was awarded to the painter, Kyle Ma from Austin, Texas. A true virtuoso, Kyle Ma is now considered a master artist and has attained accomplishments and prestige that professional artists everywhere only aspire to. He is an extraordinary and prolific artist.

In 2019, Kyle joined us for the Quang Ho Workshop in France. We all enjoyed a spectacular time painting alongside Kyle and the other artists and are thrilled that the workshop gave him new insight and that his career continues to shine. We interviewed Kyle after the workshop and you can read about his experience here.

Past Scholarship Recipients.


In 2020, the award was given to Emiliano Marini from the Terni region of Italy. Due to the pandemic, his scholarship was transferred through two consecutive seasons as workshop after workshop got postponed.  As he desired to work with Susan Lyon and her husband, Scott Burdick (who will be the mentor at the workshop), Emiliano will be joining her workshop, Susan Lyon Workshop in Provence,  May 2022. Emiliano visited our Tuscan art retreat in October 2021 to meet the team, the international artists and get to know us.

Painting by 2020 Scholarship Winner

What Makes an Application Stand Out.


What made Emiliano’s application stand out was his response when we asked about his long term goals, he said, “I am particularly passionate about bringing traditional art methods back to my home country, where it is incredibly difficult to find classically-trained teachers and the practice of painting from life has nearly disappeared.”

He also shared, “In the long term, I hope to establish myself as a full-time artist and begin taking on students, working alongside other artists and exhibiting my work in galleries in Italy and abroad. One of my main priorities in the future will also be the creation of a studio for young painters interested in figurative art, specifically those who may not have the means of attending a more prestigious and expensive academy but would nonetheless like access to high-quality training.”

Read our interview with Emiliano here.

Are you interested in applying for our scholarship or do you know someone else who would benefit from the experience? Read on.


How to apply for the Scholarship Program:


Artists of all ages and from all countries are welcome to apply. If the applicant chosen is under 18, a paying custodial adult is required to accompany him or her at the workshop. Workshops in France will have the final say in which workshop or retreat will be awarded. 

Email [email protected] to receive an application or fill in the form below. The cut-off date to send in applications for 2024 is February 1, 2024. After that date, the applications will be set aside for the following year’s scholarship application. We look forward to reviewing your application.  


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The cut-off date to send in applications for 2024 is February 1, 2024. After that date, the applications will be set aside for the following year’s scholarship application. We look forward to reviewing your application.

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