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We’ve created a curated list of goodies and art supplies to keep you inspired.

From useful field painting items like thermoses and bags to artisan-created, limited-edition items you’ll find a shopping list built specifically with the modern creative woman in mind.

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Stunning Classics

Handmade French Linnen Blouse by Vanessa Rother

Classic Black Apron


Wear this beauty wherever you paint and keep your clothes clear of paint! It is styled with two large pockets to carry your phone and viewfinder or other goodies. Our heavy-duty fabric is meant to withstand multiple machine washes and any accidental brush strokes. It’s heavyweight but you won’t feel weighed down. 

Throw on the ultimate artist staple: The Black Apron. We kept it dark not just to disguise any paints that may have made their way off of your painting but also to ward off any distracting colors or reflections. And we all know, black is slimming!

This piece is only $23.50 get it while it lasts!

Masterpiece Drinkware

Show your artistic side with these stylish and portable bottles.

Made of ecologically-friendly enameled stainless steel, it’s great to carry with you to keep your tea warm when painting out in the field…

Gustav Klimt Drinkware - The Accent

The Accent—Featuring Gustav Klimt’s “Woman In Gold”


Masterpiece Drinkware_Swatches_The Accent

The Accent—Featuring our own Swatch Pattern


Van Gogh, Masterpiece Drinkware, The Accent

The Accent—Featuring Van Gogh’s “Wheatfield”


Van Gogh, Masterpiece Drinkware, The Contour

The Contour—Featuring Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossoms”


Masterpiece Drinkware, Swatches, The Contour

The Contour—Featuring our own Swatch Pattern


Masterpiece Drinkware, Swatches, The Balance

The Balance—Featuring our Swatch Pattern


Masterpiece Covers

Stand out with these beautiful masks! Designed with double-pleating at the chin and nose to keep you comfortable while showing your artistic side.


Masterpiece Covering, 3 bundle set

3-pack, bundle and save


Van Gogh, Starry Night, Masterpiece Covering


Featuring Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”


Masterpiece Covering, Swtaches


Featuring our Swatch Pattern


Van Gogh, Almond Blossom, Masterpiece Covering


Featuring Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossoms”


Bags and Totes

Pack-n-stash, Swatches

The Pack-n-Pocket


Cute and lightweight, this stylish bag folds down into a 5″ square and stores itself! Pack it in your purse until the moment you need it, then it becomes the perfect tote for painting in the field, impulse-antiquing or when you meet your next pair of shoes.

Brush Clutch, Swatches

The Brush Clutch (Coming soon!)

Packing just became so much easier. These vegan leather zippy pouches are perfect for holding the little things that can get lost in your bag or purse (brushes, anyone?).

The Brush Clutch is almost here.

Travel Art Pro Watercolor Kit

Travel Art Pro Watercolor Kit - Sennelier

Travel Art Pro Watercolor kit

$203 $155.00

The perfect gift for an artist at a sweet price! This set usually sells for over $200 but we have a limited supply available for only $155.00!

This travel set includes the highest grade, half-pans of Sennelier Watercolor paints color used by the Impressionists. They are stored neatly in a metal box with built in palette, so they are really easy to use when you’re on the go!

You also receive a set of Raphael watercolor brushes, a block of Fabriano 100% cotton, acid free watercolor paper, and a set of Cretacolor art pencils, including water-soluble shades and soft black and white chalk pencils.

What makes Sennelier watercolor paints so sweet? Apart for being renowned for being luminous, brilliant and intense, they are made with honey as a preservative and yes, they are sweet! (We don’t recommend that you taste test them though…)Get yours today as we only have a few!

Artisan Crafted

Artist's palette glass ornament

Artist’s Pallet Ornament by Shirley Hambrick


The perfect gift for the artist in your life—yes, even you!

These glass artist’s palette ornaments were made with high-quality art glass and art glass powder that was then melted together in a kiln at 1450 degrees.

They look great hanging in a sunny spot all year-round. Measuring 3 ¼ by 2 ¾ inches (8cm x 7cm) at the widest point, the ornament hangs from a satin ribbon.

Handmade French Linnen Blouse by Vanessa Rother

Bespoke Couture:
Handmade Linen Blouse by Vanessa Rothe


This hand crafted French linen blouse is the perfect addition to any femme-creative’s wardrobe. Beautifully artful and expertly restrained, you’ll turn heads when you add this unique piece to your wardrobe for only $135.00 – shipping included.

Handmade in the Vanessa Rothe Design Studio, there are only 2 of these available!

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