Painting in Provence With Georgia Mansur

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Painting in Provence With Georgia Mansur

June 4 – 12, 2023

Lavender Season Workshop. Château estate near Avignon.


Imagine painting in Provence with Georgia Mansur during the lavender season. Georgia is an exceptional painter and highly-gifted instructor who can unravel the mysteries of Plein Air Painting in watercolor, acrylics and even oils. Georgia’s workshop is based in a beautiful chateau estate nestled between St Remy de Provence and Avignon. Your time will be spent painting with this uncommonly friendly instructor while immersing yourself in French life and enjoying what Provence has to offer. This workshop is located between the Luberon mountains and the Mediterranean. It is a wonderful opportunity to paint with Georgia and other artists and spend nine idyllic days in the South of France. All the while surrounded by the natural beauty and bounty of Provence during Lavender Season.

Georgia feels painting is about making an evocative communication ~ not so much a photographic copy but more storytelling and how the subject makes you feel ~ putting your emotions and mood into the painting while making it very personal and moving. Students have nicknamed Georgia ‘the Art Whisperer’ because she helps them express their creative passions and develops a deeper connection with themselves and nature.


We are experts at creating a highly-supportive environment that allows joyful productivity and creating art which are the hallmarks of Georgia’s teaching style. She is committed to making sure that each artist receives the help, direction and the encouragement they need to take steps iperfecting new skills.

The experience is open to artists of all levels. The workshop is designed to have you leave with paintings, more confidence and inspiration.  Welcome to our community of artists!

Georgia paints in watercolor and/or acrylics but you are welcome to bring oils. (We encourage you to bring watercolors regardless; they are great for impromptu sketching.)

Don’t worry, a complete materials sheet will be sent to you, as well as tips and tricks for traveling with your supplies.  Depending on our schedule, you will paint on the estate, in nearby fields as well as venturing to the secluded villages and vineyards of Provence.

You also visit St Rémy where Van Gogh lived. And yes, we will paint where he painted.

Evenings are reserved for socializing and discussing all things art as we wine and dine in the Moulin’s grand salon or eat outdoors en plein air.

Our workshops are legendary for great groups of guests and crew. Paint as much as you want! We arrange for several side trips so that we can get to know one another and discover Provence. We visit markets, hilltop villages and vineyards for wine tasting. These are but to name a few itinerary destinations. More than this, we are following a tradition of artists who travel to live and paint together.

Are you ready to pack your brushes?

Meet Your Instructor: Georgia Mansur

Georgia Mansur

 is an award-winning fine artist and instructor. Georgia is well versed in all media but prefers painting in watermedia for ease of travel, clean up and immediate visual feedback. She has a passion for painting en plein air (outdoors). Plein air painting is fast, fresh, and exhilarating~ the goal being to capture the essence of the scene before you amidst changing light, weather and not always pleasant conditions~ something only the heartiest of painters can manage. Mansur has competed in International plein air events in the USA and was recipient of the Laguna Plein Air Painters Assoc of the Walker Scholarship for Excellence.  Mansur has been a faculty member and presenter at the International Plein Air Convention in Monterey, California in 2015, Tucson Arizona in 2016 and will be presenting ‘Watermedia For Newbies’ in San Diego CA in April 2017.


“I love your joy and zest for life, how inspiring! I love your cheerful spirit and the way you always seem to do new and adventurous things! One of my “life quotes” is the Anais Nin quote on your facebook page “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” I know that you are one of the special people that God has put in my life’s path to help me grow.

You are one of the women artists who really inspire me.  Thank you! “

C. Turner

I now understand what you were saying yesterday (in the workshop). It’s like someone turned the lights on for me.  Thank you so much for your encouragement and care.  I have never had a teacher who cared or gave so much to her students.’

Big Gold Star for Georgia !”

Karolyn, Australia

“I really enjoy your work!   I don’t travel much, and I love that your work has such a wonderful feel for the subject matter, including your local landscapes in Australia.  I also especially love the paintings with food in them, being a cook myself,  I find them fascinating.”


“For this last class of the workshop I want to thank you Georgia for being such an inspiration. for pushing me to never doubt of any “Talent” or not.

I have learned from my mistakes And love the class motto ” you’re not gonna die”….Most of my “What I hope to Learn” list has been answered . thank you for sharing your passion , it is very catching. thank you for passing on your knowledge and pointing the way. for taking the time to answer each question, and for your motto that the only stupid questions are those you don’t ask. you’ve pushed me and I love/live to paint!! am improving with each tableau!!’

Winston Churchhill said ” Happy are the painters for they shall not be lonely. Light & Color, peace and hope, will keep them company to the end of their day!”‘

Big, huge thank you, Georgia, for your Positive thinking, love of Discovery and Adventure!  Especially for simplifying color charts, the Shapes, they have helped me immensely.’

It was such an inspiration to see you on the video. You are very photogenique and adorable. Thank you so much. I really want to thank you a million times for everything you have done for me. First of all without your spirit of non defeat, I wouldn’t even be painting today. And since painting has become a large part of my life, and such a pleasurable part. I can’t thank you enough. I am improving !! I can figure out a lot of what I’m doing right AND wrong.. Ohh it’s a wonderful road. You’ve fixed me and made me into someone who isn’t sad any more!!! Merci.”


“I really feel I have gained a huge amount of experience, knowledge, and technique to really make improvements with my watercolour painting with Georgia’s teaching.”

F. V.

“As a whole I like your diversity and it always keeps me on the edge of my seat wondering what you will come out with next…you keep it interesting.   I particularly Iiked your mixed media floral series ie Wave Song etc … your patina’s of the Roman gods and goddesses etc…’Old boys club’ I enjoy as I have an affinity with nature but the name draws me in further and makes me wonder why it was named this and whether there is a lovely story behind it?  All in all I tend to like the pieces that have meaning behind them…my favourite is actually the piece I painted in your class … as much as I criticise it, I do enjoy looking at it…I like the symbolism behind it and the emotions it evokes … and again the journey and the memories behind it.”

Tracey Troy

Gallery Manager, Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef Australia

Thanks to you, I am seeing everything in a new light- with your guiding voice replaying “values, values, values!”
having a better understanding of tones will make an immense different in my work- so will too, many of the techniques that you taught us.
I will make sure I get in early to grab a position in both next years workshop in Moree and the Bathurst workshop.’

 Thank you so very much for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. It was a wonderful experience to see so many different techniques and to be around other creative minds- my imagination is overflowing with ideas and possibilities. I am truly grateful to have been involved.’

Huge thanks!

K. McNamara

This Workshop Includes:

  • 10 days of artistic immersion.
  • All Inclusive: Tuition, fine food, wine, accommodation and ground transportation with one lunch and one dinner at own expense.
  • Paint, sketch and enjoy the good life in beautiful European surroundings.
  • Daily painting locations: Private vineyards, charming villages, markets (more painting and excursion locations varied upon location of workshop).
  • Balanced itinerary of painting, instruction, exploring and relaxation for artists – all levels!
  • Disposable painting supplies; solvent, jars, drying medium, paper towels, gloves etc.
  • Learn, live and paint side-by-side with fellow artists.
  • Plenty to do for non-painting partners!
  • Pickup at Avignon Provence TGV Train Station, airfare is not included.
A view of the salon
Workshops in France Chateau

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