Tapping Into Your Inner Voice with Ron Hicks

Unlock your creative potential in Tuscany  September 3 – 11, 2025


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Tapping Into Your Inner Voice

Join Ron Hicks in the center of the Italian Rennaisance to unlock your creative potential. 

oin us for an unparalleled workshop experience where you will unlock the hidden depths of your artistic expression. Each one of us is an individual with personal ideas and viewpoints, but do you express yours in your artwork? 

You rarely find someone so knowledgeable, talented and compassionate as Ron HicksRon paints some of today’s most sought-after paintings but he is also willing to help other artists discover and nurture their inherent artistic voices. Elevate your creativity to new heights and ignite the flame of your artistic soul under his expert guidance.

Ron asks: 

“ Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing in your work as an artist is truly what you’re supposed to be doing? ”

Ron Hicks will coach you while acting as your guide through this exceptional workshop. He will serve as your artistic mentor giving individual attention to each artist. This is only possible with the low ratio of students to the instructor. It is limited to 12  to 16 students only.


When you open the door to self-expression and the emotional side of art, you unlock the intuitive side of painting. This is not a technically based workshop and is most suited to intermediate and proficient artists who need to take this next step in their work; ready to create their signature style. However, it is also open to fearless beginners who want to know what it is to express themselves as a true artist. 


“We will open up dialogue and explore creative ways to tackle this obstacle.  The purpose of this workshop is not about the utilization of tools or learning specific painting techniques.”- Ron Hicks


Unveiling Your Artistic Identity


You have the choice of painting models on most days. We have beautiful grounds to explore and paint en plein air with stunning 360-degree views of sun-drenched vineyards and rolling hills of incomparable Tuscan beauty. You will be making plenty of art in this program, painting as well as taking notes, drawing and making sketches. The object of the program is for you to expand your horizons, broaden your perspective, and break down any barriers so that you are free to examine and further your purpose as an artist.  Doing this program under the steady guidance of Ron Hicks’ mentorship we hope you’ll discover and unveil your true potential as an artist. With a clearer sense of purpose, you will have a direction for your ongoing artistic journey and be able to make your art with intentionality. 

Nowhere else have we seen a program that offers this. It’s a must for those artists who wish to develop their own style, be able to express themselves, and who aspire to ‘say’ something more meaningful with their art. 

“This workshop is intended to serve as a vehicle to aid you in finding your path. Designed for the intermediate to advanced student, this workshop is open to all levels of experience and learning in all artistic mediums.”- Ron Hicks

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Ron Hicks

Ohio-born Ron Hicks is a mid-career, American painter with a long string of exhibitions to his name. His subject is the figure and the medium is oil. His mature style exploits to the full the aesthetic pleasures of his technique. He relishes the possibilities and outcomes offered by emphatic handling, graphic composition, and textural manipulation.

The focus is the head, a fixed point around which the material of the painting is orchestrated. The body is often less detailed, more loosely sketched, subtly indicated by clusters, patches and scumbles of mark and colour. The surface is fragmentary and abstracted, punctuated by stainings, smudges and traces that have been brushed, scrubbed and drawn to evoke an aura of intense activity. The subjects appear out of these delicate collisions and accumulations. They are paid careful attention, delicately scrutinised to describe expression and personality. Their faces are densely worked, with softly-rendered skin tones framed by vividly crafted traceries of hair. Dynamic and harmonic arrangement is achieved by assiduous selection of gesture and pose.

These pictures suggest several art-historical references. Hicks’s, mostly female, subjects are subject to a Klimt-like assimilation with the decorative elements on the picture plane. There is an air of fey, late nineteenth century european Romanticism and also something of the swagger and poise of Sargent’s society exquisites. They appear to be heroines (and some heroes): isolated, possibly alienated, individuals, self-absorbed and self-consciously posed in attitudes of indifference or disinterest, wary of, and, in turn, weighing-up, the viewer. The artist’s models, drawn from his somewhat different, contemporary world, make surprisingly common-cause with those of the past.

These are allusive and captivating images, open to various interpretations and correspondences; as discursive and enquiring as the masterful handling of the artist’s ever-mobile and interrogative brushes.


Quang Ho demo in from of students

The artist now sees his process as “a call and response” between his representational and abstract forms. Painting with oils, he first applies swaths of color, “and then I allow the painting to tell me what to add.” A clearer direction to a particular face or figure emerges as he layers, shades and even scrapes off color. He sometimes paints from live models but is less interested in exactness. Rather, Hicks focuses on rendering interesting compositions.

From an Interview by Monique McIntosh for Luxe Interiors and Design

D, Schedule for the Tapping into Your Inner Voice Workshop
July 3 – 11, 2025

Wed Sep 3 

Day 1: 

Welcome to the villa and estate. Let’s explore! 

You’ll want to get familiar with your elegant surroundings and home for the duration of the workshop. Get to know the other guests, get your materials ready, or go for a swim before our Prosecco reception and welcome dinner.

Thurs Sep 4, Day 2:

Opening the Dialog 

Ron will introduce the workshops and get you started in walking the steps to find and express your inner voice.  You will do some assignments to ensure you get started on your own path. You will be working on pieces designed to identify your unique voice. 

Fri Sep 5, Day 3: 

A Day of Art in Florence 

We have arranged for you to enter the Uffizi to see the masterworks of the Renaissance and visit Michelangelo’s David at the Academia. Here’s a chance to look beyond the image to ascertain the artists’ messages through gesture, composition and narrative. Or simply enjoy being in the presence of greatness while you soak up the inspiration you get from examining great works of art up close. 

Sat Sep 6, Day 4:

Embracing Individuality

True mentorship begins with one-on-one discussions designed to unpack the concepts that make your viewpoint unique. It’s a conversation that will validate and strengthen your role as an artist.  

Models will be available. 

Sun Sep 7, Day 5: 

From Inspiration to Creation

You can paint the model in the studio or posed around the estate or even in the pool for an awe-inspiring session designed to take the stops off your visual narrative as you lean into your creativity in new ways. Ron will be on hand every step of the way to help you embrace your perspective, ingenuity and vision.

Models will be available. 

Mon Sep 8, Day 6: 

San Gimignano

Let’s go to San Gimignano to explore the gelato shops, woops, we mean the seven historical towers that have left their mark on this jewel of a hilltop Italian town. You can shop and get your fill of retail therapy and then off to the Piazza della Cisterna to sketch or better still, to taste the world-famous gelato. Or you may choose to sit beneath a parasol in a terraced cafe and sip an aperol spritz practicing the art of relaxation. You may prefer to wander through the streets of San Gimignano, time traveling, armed with a sketchbook, as this town is as ideal as it gets for some guerrilla sketching. You could even sketch all the hungry travelers lined up outside the ‘world’s best’ gelato hole-in-the-wall. 

Tues Sep 9, Day 7

Embracing Artistic Authenticity

This workshop is about finding yourself and your artistic voice.  You will continue to unveil your purpose as an artist and even push yourself out of your comfort zone, moving beyond the boundaries to self-expression. The gift of purpose as an artist can not be overstated. While you paint you will explore this concept with Ron to discover how unlocking your purpose is a game-changer. 

Models will be available.


Wed Sep 10, Day 8

Market Day

Morning visit to the local town for Market day. 

Afternoon of art and winding down.

Art show. 


Thurs Sep 11

Departure Day

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This Workshop Includes:

  • 10 days of artistic immersion. 7 nights aboard the ship.
  • Amsterdam includes demos with instructors to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum with instructors.
  • All Inclusive: Tuition, fine dining, wine, first-class river boat accommodation. Eating out and refreshments on land are at own expense. Accommodations in Amsterdam are not included.  Airfare not included.
  • Ongoing demos, discussions and evenings with the instructors. Paint, sketch and enjoy the good life in beautiful Amsterdam and nearby countryside surroundings in Belgium and Holland.
  • Balanced itinerary of painting, exploring and relaxation for artists of all media – all levels!
  • Model Fees
  • Solvent, disposal painting items like paper towels, gloves, wipes, liquin, etc,.
  • Travel, live, learn and paint side-by-side with instructors and fellow artists.
  • Plenty to do for non-painting partners! A full touring and exploring itinerary for non-painters.
  • Great discount available for non-painting companions.
  • Gratuities and Port Fees of $388 per guest are included.

Tapping into Your Inner Voice with Ron Hicks


Sept 3-11, 2025

At a Villa in Tuscany

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I just finished an incredible painting workshop in Avignon given by Workshops in France which Peter arranged for my 65th birthday which is later this month.

Our art teachers Romel Torres and Tim Tyler were fabulous, as well as workshop leader and artist Julie Snyder, her incredible team members Shirley Hambrick and Celeste DeCoudres, and our workshop members.

We really became a family over the 10 days of painting, touring, and of course fine food and wine in the beautiful Provence countryside.  Peter came with me and found a couple of local golf courses. Peter and I are now spending a few days in Paris before flying home to DC tomorrow.

Thank you  Workshops in France for this incredible artist experience! 

– Cherry B, D.C., USA

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