What They Gained

The retreat aspect was wonderful – just to get away and do nothing but paint for a time was very rewarding, not to mention a more efficient way of getting painting done without the distractions of “everyday life”!

Karla B, Sunland, California, 2 time guest September ‘10, September ‘14

It’s just so much fun to shake things up with a trip away!  You get to practice your language skills, enjoy the local cuisine, meet new people and experience their culture, and come away with a larger life view.

Vera C, Chatham, MA, September 2010

The experience is invaluable. You are away from your normal routine and your artistic “eyes” respond to the new environment with excitement. Talk about waking up the artistic juices, everywhere we went there were more scenes to paint then I ever dreamed of.

Laura W, Santa Clarita, CA, September 2010

Some new artist friends to my network. I learned of some new tools and processes worth exploring.

Jane R, Cobourg, Canada, June 14

The greatest benefit was having full days to paint without having to think about meals and other things that take up our daily lives.  And it was an added benefit to be with other painters as we shared techniques, places to go and ideas.

Elizabeth T, La Canada, California, 2 time attendee, September ‘10 and June ‘15

Lived a dream for starters, wonderful light and great conversation…

Paula and Charles D, Calabasas, California September ‘13

It gave me the inspiration to continue painting. Wonderful memories. Thank you for putting such great experience together!

Debra D, Bedford, New Hampshire, September ‘13

It was fun being there and I loved France, plus I made some friends.

Terry P, Sherman Oaks, California September ‘12

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