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The Retreat & Workshops

My expectations for such an adventure were high before we arrived in Provence but the actual time there with the group far exceeded anything I or my non-painting husband could have imagined. “Bravo!”

Marcia B. and Daniel F., Sept 2016

The painting workshop was the best time with the best instructors! It was wonderful to spend it together with such talented and friendly people all together in our very own castle. Ten days in heaven, what more can we dream of?

Tim and Lisa B, San Antonio Texas

The June Workshop was different from the first one I attended. In lieu of the Fall grape harvesting, I had the intoxicating pleasure of seeing and painting beautiful fields of lavender on gently rolling hills. We discovered new and interesting little towns in Provence – away from the crowded cities full of tourists – and everywhere I gazed I saw a picture to be captured in paint!  

Brenda S, Fort Langley, BC Sept., 2015, June 2016, Sept., 2017

The trip was an artistic journey, so well coordinated all the artists had to do was create. It was a trip of a lifetime for me; from painting in the field with the horses to the warm welcome of the farmhouse lights in the evening after a day of painting. If you take a workshop with Workshops In France you will be in excellent hands. The leaders listen to each person and magically knows how to make every artist comfortable so they can create to their full potential and beyond. I look forward to the day when we can travel again and paint each day dawn till dark.

Laura W, Santa Clarita, CA, Attended twice, September 2010, 2016

What is memorable is the care and attention to most details, the excellent fellow painters, food and enjoyment of environment and companionship of other artists.

Keith L, Sydney, Australia - 4 time attendee, ‘13, ‘14, ‘15, '16, '17

Larry and I have not stopped talking about our trip with you last September.  As you know he is a musician and art appreciator, not an artist himself. It was nice to hear him practice flute on our lazy afternoons at the castle. Thank you Julie. We will join you again.

Larry and Michal C, Santa Paula, California September ‘14

It’s the light, it’s the ambiance of it all, it’s the people, it’s the food, it’s the wine, it’s … LA FRANCE!

Dianne B, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June ‘ 15

The place that was picked for us to stay was wonderful. For me the most memorable thing was the village where we painted, but a close second was the bond between the artists that was created, allowing us to make friends for life during the trip.

Karla B, Sunland, California, 2 time attendee September ‘10, September ‘14, May '17

Our Itinerary

The pace was perfect.  Each experience offered the opportunity to go at one’s own pace, enjoy some camaraderie among our fellow artists, and feel the real quality of French life

Nathalie W., June 2016

Carrières de Lumières: A remarkable experience! Provencal Open Air market: I LOVED going there…..we needed more time!

Dianne B, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June ‘ 15

Carrières de Lumières:  Can’t be explained, one has to see it to really get the full emotional affect. I so enjoy this place every time I go… Wish it was closer!!!! Can’t wait to go again, is describable, so awesome.. Provencal Open Air market: I so enjoy our outings there, so many nice things..

Rita H, Prineville, Oregon. 2 time guest September ‘14, June ‘15

Carrières de Lumières: This is so fantastic! Impossible to adequately describe! You didn’t even mention the music! The whole experience is incredible powerful and moving. Thank you for including it. Provencal Open Air market: Beautiful produce and great bargains on gifts to bring home!

Kathy, Hyannis, MA September ‘15

A good variety of locations and activities. Provencal Open Air market: The market should NOT be missed (by anyone)! It’s just so….mmm… French! Loved our visit there.

Jane R, Cobourg, Canada, June 14

Boules/Pétanque – More birthday fun – great game of boules (even if I was on the losers’ team!)

Brenda S, Fort Langley BC Canada, Two-time attendee, Sept., ‘15, June '16, Sept., '17

What They Gained

It’s just so much fun to shake things up with a trip away!  You get to practice your language skills, enjoy the local cuisine, meet new people and experience their culture, and come away with a larger life view.

Vera C, Chatham, MA, September 2010

The experience is invaluable. You are away from your normal routine and your artistic “eyes” respond to the new environment with excitement. Talk about waking up the artistic juices, everywhere we went there were more scenes to paint then I ever dreamed of.

Laura W, Santa Clarita, CA, September 2010, September 2016

The greatest benefit was having full days to paint without having to think about meals and other things that take up our daily lives.  And it was an added benefit to be with other painters as we shared techniques, places to go and ideas.

Elizabeth T, La Canada, California, 2 time attendee, September ‘10 and June ‘15

Lived a dream for starters, wonderful light and great conversation… This was an amazing experience far exceeded our expectations. Appreciated all the little kindnesses…

Paula and Charles D, Calabasas, California September ‘13

It was fun being there and I loved France, plus I made some friends.

Terry RP, Sherman Oaks, California September ‘12


Our accommodation was in an historical chateau, worthy of many paintings! Our food was typical French fare and we always looked forward to the evening meal. Wine flowed aplenty; the group was fun and friendships grew. We could enjoy the two pools on the grounds, a contested game of boules or watch the sunset.

Brenda Sleightholme, June 2016, June 2017, September 2018

Julie led us with great zest and enthusiasm! Our accommodations at the chateau were fantastic and the food and wine superb. We had such fun with this wonderful group of people.

Anne H, ME, Sept. 2016.

Ann H, Mn, June 14

Great accommodations with an awe inspiring view. The food was great too.  A good selection and lots of choices at each meal.  I loved the relaxed atmosphere too.  The catered meals were all delicious.

Jane R, Cobourg, Canada, June 14

Our accommodations at the castle were wonderful. A bit unconventional-which for us was a special treat!  Food was out of this world!  Timed shared with other artists was very special.

Larry and Michal C, Santa Paula, California September ‘14

The accommodations were GREAT, a wonderful experience. I loved my room, loved the chateau! My room was quiet, except for the hourly church bells ringing, which I actually liked!

Terry P, Sherman Oaks, California September ‘12

After The Retreat

A chance to travel and paint with other artists just adds richness to your life.  You are forever changed by all the experiences and all that you’ve looked at.  It’s fabulous on your resume and informs all the work that follows.

Vera C, Chatham, MA, September 2010

The greatest impact were the friendships made and gallery shows that resulted from the trip.  I have a much larger library of images to choose from that are authentic.  It also taught me how to travel as an artist….what to bring, what not to bring. It takes you out of what you know and lets you see with fresh eyes.  It’s a terrific opportunity and one I look forward to doing again.

Elizabeth T, La Canada, California, 2 time attendee, September ‘10 and June ‘15

I will benefit for the rest of my life from the friendships that evolved from our time traveling.  Another benefit of traveling with Julie was her “can do” attitude, solving any potential hitches and making sure each and everyone of the artists had the best possible experience. The most surprising benefit was the addition of painting in France to my resume and how collectors are pleased.

Laura W, Santa Clarita, CA, Attended 2 retreats. Sept., 2010, Sept.,2016

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