Americans in Paris Paint Provence

Unique Chateau Workshop With Five Leading American Artists, April 26 – May 5, 2022

The Americans in Paris Paint Provence.

Casey Childs, Michelle Dunaway, David Gray, Olga Krimon, Vanessa Rothe

A unique workshop retreat with five leading artists. Be part of art history in the making.

Painter or art lover, join us for a unique and exceptional workshop and retreat co-hosted by Vanessa Rothe and Workshops In France.  Vanessa Rothe, curator for the Americans in Paris art projects and exhibitions in Paris and the Salmagundi Club, New York, is presenting a wonderful opportunity for our guests to live and work in a French Château with five master artists located at the heart of the Provençal Countryside. 

The Program

Imagine yourself in a château for 10-days on a painting trip to engage with contemporary masters and learn from these artists, Casey Childs, Michelle Dunaway, Aldo Balding, Olga Krimon and Vanessa Rothe. The program encompasses portraiture and figurative work painting models in the environment, still life and landscape painting, slide show lectures in fine art and literature combined with an immersive program to experience the best of Provence.

The Workshop takes place on the Chateau estate of a restored moulin, a historic flour mill between Avignon and St Rémy in Provence. Van Gogh, Cézanne and Gaugin and other Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists worked in this part of France. These historical painters used the inspiration of the region and the legendary Mediterranean light to create unforgettable works of art. Now you can walk in their footsteps while learning from the best contemporary artists and enjoy the beauty and bounty of the South of France. 

The cost includes instruction, demos, slide show presentations in fine art and literature, accommodation, all food and wine at the château, with the exception of optional eating out. We have a skilled crew to make your stay memorable and productive. Plenty to do for non-painting partners with an alternate program. More about the program here.
Cost: $5,350. $700 deposit required to register.
Non-painting partners discount available.

The Americans in Paris Paint Provence Artists:

Casey Childs, Michelle Dunaway, David Gray, Olga Krimon, Vanessa Rothe

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Aldo Balding

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Who and What are the Americans in Paris?


The idea for Americans in Paris (AIP) is the brainchild of Vanessa Rothe. It began with a purpose to inspire contemporary American artists to travel to Paris and discover exciting ideas for their works of art in a place where historically so many important artists had found inspiration and formed connections. Following in the footsteps of the great American painters before them, such as Sargent, Whistler and Cassatt to name a few, a group of American realist and impressionist artists would travel to Paris to draw inspiration from the City of Light, architecture and fine art. There they would attend museums, examine the masters, absorb the culture, share ideas and paint together with the goal of reaching the next level of mastery in their work.

To raise capital for the trip, Rothe curated an exhibition at the Salmagundi Club in New York in the spring of 2016, where twelve invited American artists sold work and were able to fund their travel. The initial visit to Paris was created as a workshop, May 2017, organized by Rothe where the artists were able to study valuable art history. In addition, Sean Forester from the Golden Gate Atelier spoke on the humanities and gave his notes on group composition.

The twelve AIP artists painted in Paris together and at the Grande Chaumière Atelier for a week as they filled their sketchbooks and minds with ideas, some new and some inspired by the past. Echoing the ‘salons’ of the past, the AIP artists engaged in lively evening discussions based on specific topics, like earlier creative groups had done, such as the Impressionists or Hemingway and Fitzgerald’s writing gatherings held in Paris bistros and bars years before.

In spring 2018 it was time to show the result of their experiences with some new and exciting paintings. Rothe curated and organized two bi-continental exhibitions at the foremost galleries for Realism in America and France. These showcased the AIP artists’ original works by inspired by their stay in France, from Paris nocturnes to Louis XIV interiors, from winged figures and florals by the masters to figures in the landscape and from the literature and group discussions held in Paris. The first of these exhibitions was held at Arcadia Contemporary in Los Angeles, CA, April 2018 and the second at Galerie Prince de L’Oeil in Paris, France, May 2018. Both were met with great success.  

The journey continues. Americans in Paris joins up with Workshops in France to present to you an exciting workshop opportunity and unique art experience on a traditional château estate in Provence, France, April 26 – May 5, 2022. The trip includes art instruction with five of the Americans in Paris artists and re-creating for you, much of what was shared and learned that week in Paris 2017. You are now invited to be a part of an unforgettable experience that will continue to inspire the artist and art lover alike.




The Artists

Casey Childs

Casey Childs American ArtistCasey Childs is renowned for his highly skillful body of figurative and portrait work which has been featured in galleries across the U.S. He is a Wyoming native who studied art formally in Powell, Wyoming and continued his art education at Brigham Young University, receiving a BA in Painting. He augmented his art education, studying with master portraitist and figurative artist William Whitaker.

Casey has received numerous awards: He was honored with the European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, MEAM Purchase Award, 2017. The Portrait Society of America; International Portrait Competition—Second Place in 2018 for his oil painting, “Sliver;” Second Place in 2016 for his portrait, “Phylis VanderNaald;” and Third Place in 2017 for his oil painting, “Take These Broken Wings.” Springville Museum of Art Exhibition Award with the International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition. Gold Medal from the Oil Painters of America’s 27th National Juried Exhibition.

Casey’s work has been featured in many publications including the American Art Collector Magazine, International Artist Magazine, and Southwest Art Magazine.

See paintings below in the portfolio section.

Michelle Dunaway

Michelle Dunaway American ArtistMichelle Dunaway is an Internationally known American artist whose paintings are revered for their bold brushwork yet sensitive portrayal of emotions that capture the human experience. Her paintings are highly sought after by distinguished collectors and displayed in prominent collections throughout the US and Europe. Michelle receives invitations to teach and lecture internationally and her workshops draw students who travel from around the world to study with her. Her paintings have been exhibited in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles.

Michelle has won numerous awards and honors throughout her career, including 5 various awards in the esteemed Portrait Society of America’s annual International Portrait Competition. Her artwork has been featured in many top fine art publications including International Artist, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist, Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector along with inclusion in several art books.

“To me, the extraordinary resides in the everyday moments of life. Those moments when we stop, pay attention and feel gratitude. All of us experience such moments and they transform us for the better. These instances of human life, personal reflection and inspiration are what I love to capture in paint.”
~ Michelle Dunaway

See paintings below in the portfolio section.

Aldo Balding


Aldo Balding HeadshotAldo Balding was born and raised in the United Kingdom and currently lives in the South of France. He started off his career as an illustrator before moving to France to become a full-time artist. He is represented by a number of galleries around the world, such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, France and South Africa.

There is a narrative element to Balding’s work in which he sets up scenarios, with no specific outcome, leaving it up to the viewer to interpret and make their own. He believes that the way a person holds their body can say more about their feelings and intentions, than words. His subtle use of space distortion creates a sense that something is amiss or is about to happen. Similar talents were shown by great black and white movie filmmakers, like Hitchcock, in the sense that many of Balding’s works can be seen as stills from a movie. Balding considers himself a storyteller, he takes an idea and moulds it to his liking; furthermore, the colours, the figures and the scenery are all adjusted for the viewer based on what he wants them to see. 

Some of Aldo’s Exhibitions include his solo Exhibition’s in Galerie Anagama Versailles France, the Galerie en Ré Bois Colombes Galerie Anagama, Versailles, Christopher Moller Art, Catto Gallery, Alexander Gallery.


In addition the Barcelona Museum of Modern Art MEAM Exhibition , ARC SALON, Royal Society of Portrait Painters,  IAACC Pablo Serrano de Zaragoza Museum Exhibition, Barcelona Museum of Modern Art MEAM Exhibition,  Thompsons Gallery London three man show, and the ROI exhibition.
See paintings below in the portfolio section.

Olga Krimon

Olga Krimon American ArtistOlga Krimon is a Ukranian born artist whose evocative figure paintings have received wide acclaim in exhibitions across the U.S.A.  Born in Odessa, Olga Krimon received academic art education in Kazan, Russia where she was largely influenced by Repin, Serov, Brullov, Levitan, Kramskoy, Fechin and other Russian titans. She then discovered Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla and Cecilia Beaux and the inherent movement and bold brushstrokes in their pieces. Over time, she developed her own style grounded in fundamental principles of academic realism, sensitivity to subtle value and color transitions, and yet bold energy of movement and expressive brushstrokes.

She continued to grow and develop her skills later in America, through drawing classes with Glen Orbik and painting classes with Jeremy Lipking. Olga continues to refine her craft through independent studies and daily practice. 

Olga’s Figurative and Still Life Paintings have been recognized with awards by the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition.

See paintings below in the portfolio section.

Vanessa Françoise Rothe

Vanessa Rothe American ArtistVanessa Rothe grew up in the artists’ colony of Laguna Beach in California and first studied Business, and French literature at the University of San Diego, and UC Irvine, graduating with honors. She then received her classical art education at the Laguna College of Art and Design achieving Dean’s list merit. Rothe started out with three successful solo exhibitions at Wendt Gallery in Laguna Beach in 2002 and was listed among the ”Artists for a New Century” by the Bennington Center for the Arts in 2012. Her work has been included in important group exhibitions including The Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction, The Laguna Art Museum, Gallerie prince d “lOeil, Paris, Gallerie DDG in Paris, The American Impressionist Society Annual Exhibitions, The Bowers Museum, the California Museum of Fine Art and the Salmagundi Club, NYC.

She is a Signature member of the American Impressionist Society as well as the Educational Director, an Artist member of the renown Salamagundi Club NY. Rothe proudly served as West Coast Editor of Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine for the past 16 years and is now writing for American Fine Art Magazine and the American Art Collector.

In addition to her pursuit as an artist, Vanessa is also a writer, lecturer, gallery owner and curator of exhibitions and has been running her own gallery Vanessa Rothe Fine Art in Laguna Beach California for the past 10 years. It was a Vanessa Rothe’s initiative to create The Americans in Paris workshops and bi continental exhibitions at Salmagundi Club in New York in 2016 and at Arcadia Gallery, and Galerie L’Oeil du Prince in Paris in 2018.

See paintings below in the portfolio section.

Program and Itinerary for Americans in Paris Paint Provence.

April 26 – May 5, 2022

You are invited to become part of the historical workshop, Americans in Paris Paint Provence. This exclusive workshop is located at a Provençal château estate of a restored Moulin, between St Rémy and Avignon. The Moulin is located on several acres and the estate has historical buildings, parkland, a river, and a bridge and its own woods with trails. The workshop comprises 5 days of instruction and the remaining days painting together!

Experience one-on-one teaching and painting demos by these top artists, Casey Childs, Michelle Dunaway, Aldo Balding, Olga Krimon, amd Vanessa Rothehe. Under their guidance, you will create portraits, paint figures in beautiful Provençal surroundings as well as still lifes and landscapes. The program is arranged for you to be able to study specific subjects with each of the 5 renowned artists. Your stay will be made even more meaningful when you enjoy fascinating talks by Vanessa Rothe giving key presentations and slideshows on relevant aspects of art and literature. Vanessa is a noted writer, lecturer and artist. Her insight and behind the scenes knowledge will connect you directly with the region and its artists, including the Impressionists and their movement.

You will follow a tradition of American painters (and other nationalities) traveling to France to live and work together. This is a definitive trip to become acquainted with Provence’s Côtes du Rhône region, its wine, food and fine art alongside some important contemporary-American painters.

The Itinerary

10 days total. Open to painters and collectors alike.  Non-painters are welcome. An alternate program is available for non-painting partners.
For the comfort of the students and maximum time with the instructors, students will be split into 2 groups. No more than 12 to a class. There will be five days of instruction. You will study with all of the instructors. On uninstructed days, we will be ‘retreat mode’ where we all paint side-by-side.

Daily Schedule

Instruction from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm with a lunch break.  Personal painting on estate 4:30 – 6:30.  Dinner 7:00 – 8:30.  Wine time and talks from 8:30 on.

Day 1:
Arrivals Day. Become familiar with Estate. Prep Painting Gear. Personal painting on estate. Champagne reception.

Day 2:
Group A: Michelle Dunaway – Figure in Landscape
Group B: Aldo Balding – Portrait/Figure 

Day 3:
All Artists: Vanessa Rothe: Landscape and Atmospheric Perspective. Followed by painting on the estate. 

Day 4:
Les Baux, Carrières de Lumière. Audio visual spectacular.
Lunch out.
St Rémy (Vincent van Gogh’s residence for a year) to paint on location

Day 5:
Group A: Olga Krimon – Figure and Composition
Group B: Casey Childs – Portrait 

Day 6:
Market at L’Isle Sur La Sorgue – the Little Venice of Provence.
Lunch at L’Isle Sur la Sorgue.
Afternoon Painting on Estate.

Day 7:
Group A: Aldo Balding – Portrait/Figure
Group B: Michelle Dunaway – Figure in Landscape 

Day 8:
Group A: Casey Childs – Portrait
Group B: Olga Krimon – Figure and Composition 

Day 9:
Photo Safari – Rousillon and Gordes or optional painting on the estate.
Group dinner out.

Day 10: Departure Day

The itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions and other scheduling concerns. Attendees are welcome to stay on the estate and paint instead of visiting Provençal sites. You can paint as much as you want!

Use our contact page to ask for more information.

 See you in Provence!

Workshops In France would like to thank these sponsors for their support in the Americans in Paris Paint Provence workshop.
Raymar Fine Art Painting Panels

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This Workshop Includes:

  • 10 days of artistic immersion.
  • All Inclusive: Tuition, fine food, wine, château accommodation and ground transportation. We eat out an own expense – one/two lunches and one dinner are scheduled. Airfare not included.
  • Ongoing demos, discussions and evenings with the instructors.
  • Paint, sketch and enjoy the good life in beautiful Provençal surroundings.
  • Model Fees
  • Solvent, disposal painting items like paper towels, gloves, wipes, liquin, etc,.
  • Daily painting locations: Private vineyards, charming villages, markets (painting and excursion locations vary with weather).
  • Balanced itinerary of painting, exploring and relaxation for artists of all media – all levels!
  • Travel, live, learn and paint side-by-side with instructors and fellow artists.
  • Plenty to do for non-painting partners! A limited number of non-painting partners accepted.
  • Discount available for non-painting companions.

Americans In Paris Paint Provence - Unique Workshop in France


April 26 – May 5, 2022

Americans in Paris Paint Provence
Château estate located near St Rémy, France. Limited number of guests.

Reserve your spot!
Only a $700 Deposit to hold your spot

All prices are in USD.

I just finished an incredible painting workshop in Avignon given by Workshops in France which Peter arranged for my 65th birthday which is later this month.

Our art teachers Romel Torres and Tim Tyler were fabulous, as well as workshop leader and artist Julie Snyder, her incredible team members Shirley Hambrick and Celeste DeCoudres, and our workshop members.

We really became a family over the 10 days of painting, touring, and of course fine food and wine in the beautiful Provence countryside.  Peter came with me and found a couple of local golf courses. Peter and I are now spending a few days in Paris before flying home to DC tomorrow.

Thank you  Workshops in France for this incredible artist experience! 

– Cherry B, D.C., USA

This workshop has limited number of painters

$500 deposit required to register

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