Americans in Paris Paint Province was conceived to be a unique and historical, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a Château workshop with these five leading artists of our time.  This workshop is a confluence of art, artists and learning that will take place September 27-October 6, 2020. It is a continuing program created by artist, writer and curator, Vanessa Rothe of Vanessa Rothe Fine Art and Workshops in France.

Let’s meet these artists up close and personal!

Casey Childs 

“My interest in the people around me comes from the idea that we look at people every day, but we never really stop to SEE them.”

As artists, we can all take a lesson from this insightful statement made by Casey Childs, one of five leading artists of our time participating in our 2020 workshop Americans in Paris Paint Provence. Casey goes on to say, “The goal of my portrait work is to capture the soul of the individual–not just their likeness.”

It’s certainly no surprise that Casey is an award-winning painter of figurative and portrait work, featured in galleries all across America and in many art publications. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more from Casey’s points of view,  observations and techniques—from Casey himself.

Sign up here for the Americans in Paris Paint Provence Workshops 2020.  Spaces are limited.

Michelle Dunaway

As any artist knows, there are compliments, and then there are compliments that have a deep, everlasting effect on our souls. Michelle Dunaway who, like all of us, has long admired the work of portrait legend John Singer Sargent, received such a compliment following her painting demonstration at the 2015 Portrait Society conference. Richard Ormond, Sargent’s grand-nephew, who had been in the audience for the demonstration, came up to Michelle afterward and said, “I have spent most of my life concerned about preserving the legacy of Sargent’s painting, but after watching you paint I am no longer worried.”

Michelle is an internationally exhibited and published artist, who can list among her many accomplishments several commissioned portraits of famed actress Jane Seymour.

Michelle is teaching at only a handful of places in the coming years since she is working on some big projects that require extensive studio time, but you have the opportunity of learning from her by signing up for our workshop, Americans in Paris Paint Provence 2020.

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David Gray

You wouldn’t know it to see his breathtaking portrait work, but world-renowned portrait painter David Gray often finds himself ready to paint, but has failed to line up a model. It’s no problem—he simply turns to his own family. His daughter Lauren appears in an astounding painting entitled Blue Turban. He has also utilized his son Forest and his wife Jessica. No matter who is before him, he sees a quality in them well beyond the physical.

“I’m not simply a ‘Realist’,” David says. “I find in my best work, my subjects hover somewhere between the visible natural realm and some place divine…”

David has won many awards and has been published in major art publications, and his workshops are highly sought-after. He’ll be one of five artists teaching at our workshop. His focus will be on portraiture.

Sign up here for the Americans in Paris Paint Provence Workshops 2020.  Spaces are limited.

Olga Krimon

“I take reality, I absorb it through the mill of my experiences and schooling, And then I produce a new carefully designed reality that evokes feelings and memories. This reality takes abstraction of strokes, edges, values and color relationships, and morphs them into a world that I imagined, that affects a viewer on a level deeper than words.”

Anyone who has had the the serious pleasure of observing the paintings of world-renowned figure and still-life artist Olga Krimon will attest that she most certainly attains this ideal, again and again. Her paintings have been recognized with awards by the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition.

Olga is one of five leading artists of our time participating in our workshop Americans in Paris Paint Provence 2020.

Sign up here for the Americans in Paris Paint Provence Workshops 2020.  Spaces are limited.

Vanessa Françoise Rothe

You’ve probably heard by now of our upcoming once-in-a-lifetime workshop Americans In Paris Paint Provence. What you may not know is that Americans in Paris is actually the brainchild of world-renowned painter, author, designer and art curator Vanessa Françoise Rothe. The workshop is being presented by Vanessa in partnership with Workshops in France.

Vanessa said that her inspiration for Americans in Paris “started out with the initial idea to inspire some of the American artists of today to travel to Paris where so many great artists had gained inspiration through the ages.”

Vanessa is an art curator, writer and owns Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery. She is one of five leading artists of our time participating in our workshop Americans in Paris Paint Provence 2020.

Sign up here for the Americans in Paris Paint Provence Workshop, September 27 – October 6 2020.  Spaces are limited.



Painting at top of page: Detail from: Unread Messages, Casey Childs.

Michelle Dunaway Painting

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