At Workshops in France, we are often asked if it’s ok if a non-painting partner comes too and we say, “Absolutely!”

We have had husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, sisters and friends at our workshops and art retreats in the past and everyone has a wonderful time, whether  painting or not! 

There Is Always Something To Do

Of course we structure our events with painting in mind but we still give the non-painters a rich experience. Whether we are in the glorious south of France, in wonderful Scotland, or in stunning Tuscany we always give our guests the opportunity to experience more than just painting! We have Museum tours, visits to historical sites, and lots of cultural immersion that are enjoyed by both the artists and non-painters alike. This includes market days, wine tasting, (or visits to a whisky distillery in Scotland) trips to local landmarks and idyllic locations, and of course some down-time to relax, read or swim in the pool.

We have had guests who go explore on their own, go to play golf, or go into town to enjoy the café culture and shops while we artists are tethered to our easels. In a way the non-painters are more flexible with their time as they have the freedom to wander and explore so much more!

If the non-painter joins us with their painting spouse, we’ve even seen their relationship change for the better! We remove all of the distractions so they can better concentrate on their own interests when apart, and each other when together.

At one of Carol Marine’s Workshops, Gregory a non-painter, came with his lovely wife Coralie. He was such an asset to the group as his enthusiasm for life was infectious! He even ended up painting and surprised everyone with his wonderful work! We enjoyed their company so much that we invited them to be crew for us in Scotland and they are returning again to help us deliver the retreat in Tuscany. We are thrilled to say that we have quite a few couples returning with us for our next season, so our harmonious blend of activities for painters and non-painters must be working!

Blogger: Shirley Hambrick

Shirley Hambrick is an award-winning stained-glass artist and painter. She has lived in Scotland, Spain and the USA. Shirley is part of the Workshops in France team and attended over 20 of these trips. She writes about her adventures.

Being Scottish, she was trained at Edinburgh College of Art and Design. Shirley teaches in the West Virginia area and you can some of her beautiful work here.

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