Does the idea of coming to an art retreat scare you?

Over the years we have heard people say that when they first came to one of our workshops or retreats that they were nervous. Their nervousness stemmed from things like flying, traveling alone, and the general unease caused by the unknown – but by far the biggest cause was the feeling that they might not “measure up”.

Interestingly, the people who confess this tend to be the ones who have gained the most out of the retreats, as they have learned so much from painting alongside other artists!

We offer two different types of experience, the Uninstructed Retreats and the Instructed Workshops. During both you find that the initial unease evaporates as each one is designed to allow you the space to grow as an artist. You will enter a “no-judgement” zone with Workshops in France.

Artist at Workshop, painting in France

The Instructed Workshops are all about learning directly from a master, and we make sure that the people we chose to instruct with us are sensitive to our guests. They too were beginners at one time and are considerate of their students. There will be lots of discussion and everyone will learn from each other as well as the master. We will be following the grand tradition of artists travelling and painting together in the south of France.

During the Uninstructed Art Retreats, we have individual mentoring available and we are happy to give demos. Our guests find them most useful when key points such as values, perspective and composition are explored. The uninstructed retreats are where artists tend to share the most with each other, as tips and skills are passed around as generously as the wine.


So, are you good enough?

We welcome every artist, from fearless beginners to consummate professionals. We recommend that you throw caution to the wind and to remember that the only person you are in competition with is yourself!

Shirley Hambrick artist

Blogger: Shirley Hambrick

Shirley Hambrick is an award-winning stained-glass artist and painter. She has lived in Scotland, Spain and the USA. Shirley has been part of the Workshops in France team over the last few years and attended over 10 of these trips. Being Scottish, she was trained at Edinburgh College of Art and Design. Shirley teaches in the West Virginia area and you can some of her beautiful work here.

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