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Joseph Zbukvic and Lisa Wang Watercolor Workshop in France.

Domaine Estate Near Béziers in the South of France, September 13 – 21, 2024. 9-days.

Welcome to the Joseph Zbukvic and Lisa Wang exclusive watercolor workshop in southwest France.

We are delighted to be hosting Joseph Zbukvic and Lisa Wang’s painting workshop in Languedoc, September 13 to 21, 2024. We invite you to join these to watercolor artists in an exclusive workshop to learn from living masters at this unique location in the south of France.

Considered a master watercolor painter, Joseph Zbukvic is one of the most highly regarded artists of our time. Joseph is renowned internationally for his works of art. His watercolors are beautifully rendered, full of light and they are powerful. He captures the atmosphere of the locations he paints – you can feel the emotion and sense of place.  It is hardly surprising that his work is acquired by art lovers, and his workshops sell out with waitlists; Joseph Zbukvic is in demand! 

Lisa Wang has been catapulting to the top of the art scene in Australia and internationally as she is one of the few artists who have mastered both oil and watercolor painting. Her subject matter depicts the human experience as the subjects of her paintings breathe with life. She is also known for her powerful paintings of animals from small domestic pets to powerful racehorses. Lisa is a leader in the watercolor field as she takes award after award and her work becomes swiftly acquired by collectors everywhere.

Both of these instructors bring something different, vital and special to this unique workshop.



The 9-day painting experience begins with a 2-day indoor class from Lisa who shares how to render great paintings from photo references, so bring your tablets. This will be followed by 4 days of Joseph’s plein air classes with absorbing live demos. Joseph will share how to handle and master the medium.  There will be a free day in between his classes where we all just paint and use the knowledge you just gained to put into practice what we gained from these watercolor masters. You will experience more than a class, as you paint each day at fabulous locations, and become immersed in the Languedoc environment to truly experience France.  During the entire experience, we will be painting on the estate, in the surrounding villages and painting on location in the south of France, famed for its history and its beautiful scenery. 

Other activities include outdoor markets, vineyard tours, a visit to Béziers as well as a host of hidden villages off the beaten track.

Joseph and Lisa will be in residence throughout our time together.

Non-painting companions are welcomed. There is plenty to do for non-painting partners.

Our accommodation is a riverside converted French Moulin estate where olive oil was pressed for centuries. The foundations were laid in the 15th century. Of course, it has been rebuilt numerous times throughout history and has been modernized to include a swimming pool. There is ample space and many spectacular views to paint. The estate is multi-terraced and overlooks the local river below where kayakers paddle by. You can see photos of it here. 

Joseph Zbukvic

Born in Croatia but due to political unrest, Joseph moved to Australia with his family when he was a young man.  There he pursued a career in art and started making waves in the art world earning awards early on. He has won numerous awards and has shown his work around the world and is currently preparing for a solo show in China.

“I think my style is different than other painters mainly because I’m self-taught and wasn’t influenced by anybody in my early days. The other reason is my ability to draw. I believe drawing is a skeleton of your work. It gives your work structure. Without it, things collapse…

To this, I would add that my style is unique due to my obsession with tonal values. I believe tones are the ultimate tool in providing an illusion of depth in two-dimensional art, combined with edges and drawing. Colour comes last. However colour can inject amazing emotion into your work.”

During this workshop, you will be painting at the estate and also expect to paint on location at some of the most beautiful places in the Languedoc

Planning Your Painting with Joseph Zbukvic. The trailer from APV Films.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn from a master painter while being immersed in the lifestyle of Southern France. You will find inspiration in the surroundings and enjoy the area famed for its wines and wonderful food.

Joseph Zbukvic Watercolor Workshop

Lisa Wang

Born in Dalian, China 1977, Lisa’s passion and aptitude for art was evident at an early age. In 1996, as one of the top two students from Liaoning province, she was selected to study at the Dong Hua University in Shanghai, where she completed a 4 years bachelor degree with a major in Fashion Design and won several prizes in Hong Kong、Taiwan and mainland of China.

In 2002, Lisa emigrated to New Zealand and started a new chapter in her life. During her time there she developed further as an artist, and became a respected art teacher in Dunedin. She exhibited widely and received a number of prestigious awards for her work. In early 2007, Lisa moved to Australia, and started working as a full-time artist. In 2008 she completed a series of paintings featuring Victorian sheepdog trials, which were very well received by the local art community. The following year she was commissioned by the Geelong Football Club to complete a series of major oil paintings to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the club. The paintings captured key players、significant moments and passionate supporters of the club. The exhibition was on display at the Geelong Regional Art Gallery and was extremely well received by the public. Those paintings are now part of the club’s permanent collection held at the Cardinia Park Club Rooms. 

Lisa is a member of the VAS and the Vice President of the WSV, she has held 7 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions. In recent years she has travelled to Italy、Shangri-La、Paris、Belgium and China on painting trips with internationally renown master artists. Lisa enjoys working with an extensive variety of subjects, but portraits are her favourite. Her confident brush work, use of colour and ability to capture light make her paintings unique and highly sought after by art lovers and collectors world wide.

This Workshop Includes:

  • 2-Day Master class with Lisa Wang and 4-Day Master class with Joseph Zbukvic in France.
  • 9 days of artistic immersion.
  • All Inclusive: Tuition, fabulous French food, wine, accommodation and ground transportation with two lunches and one dinner at own expense. Airfare not included.
  • Paint, sketch and enjoy the good life in beautiful European surroundings.
  • Daily painting locations: Private vineyards, charming villages, markets (more painting and excursion locations varied upon location of the workshop).
  • Ongoing demos, discussions and evenings with the instructors.
  • Balanced itinerary of painting, exploring and relaxation for artists of all media – all levels!
  • Learn, live and paint side-by-side with fellow artists.
  • Plenty to do for non-painting partners! (Discounts apply!)
  • Bring a friend!
  • Airport pickup and drop off!

Joseph Zbukvic and Lisa Wang Painting Workshop


September 13 – 21, 2024

Two days with Lisa Wang and 4 days with Joseph Zbukvic in France.

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