Cure for the Jetlag Blues.

Everyone dreads jetlag. The last thing you want when traveling is to be wide-eyed and awake at night and exhausted during the day. Fortunately, our guests often experience little jetlag when coming to Europe, and it tends to hold off until the return home. Either way, our artist coordinator, Julie Snyder, believes she’s found a solution – and it’s all about food … yum! Here are Julie’s tips for eating your way out of jetlag. Take charge of what you eat and drink and you can avoid jet lag all together and snap into regular sleeping hours at your destination.

These are Julie’s tips for eating your way out of jetlag:

Countdown – 3 days before you leave.

Eat lots of protein, fruits and veggies. Make sure you avoid starchy, sugar-laden foods. Start to stock up on healthy snacks for the journey across the pond – grab some almonds, dried apricots and protein bars.

(Pro tip: The bars are also great for emergencies).

Continue eating healthy for the next two days.


Travel day!

Try to continue your healthy eating but honestly, food on planes is limited. So, I say “Eat whatever you can.  Don’t be too fussy”.

Drink plenty of water.  Stay hydrated! When the drinks cart comes around, ask for water and maybe a juice. I always go with tomato juice and I ask for spicy. Definitely avoid too much caffeine, tempting as coffee may be.

During the flight sleep control is key. Cat nap only if you must. Try to stay awake as much as possible.

Sleep aids on the plane aren’t the best idea – don’t drug yourself to sleep the entire flight.  Despite what you may have been told, sleep aids are drugs.  Drugs are bad for you, – we’re including alcohol in this, too.  However, a glass of wine with your meal is completely fine, but three or four glasses can get you in trouble and dehydrate you (we’re trying to avoid that, remember). We want you bright and alert, not exhausted  or hungover.

Arrival Plan.

When you arrive at your destination you’ll want to “eat to sleep”! Carb out! Go wild with a meal of bread, potatoes, pasta, starchy veggies, etc. Fortunately, you’ll have no trouble finding a meal like this in France!

This is my tip for long haul travel. After three days of protein and the subsequent carbs, if all goes well, you will feel very sleepy. Spend the night in a ‘carb-induced’ slumber. Wake up well-rested the next morning determined to seize the day, adjusted into your new time zone.

Blogger: Julie Snyder

Julie Snyder is an artist and a seasoned traveler. She lives on 2 continents and is often changing time zones with 9 hours difference. But, she uses this method and swears that it keeps her jet lag to a minimum.

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